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Full commit
username = Domas
merge = meld
ssh = ssh -C
style = default
logtemplate = '{desc}\n--------------------------------------------------------------------\nChangeset:  {rev}:{node|short}   {branches|nonempty}\nUser:       {author}\nDate:       {date|isodate}\n\n'
editor = vim "+call HgCiDiff()"
fallbackencoding = utf-8

hgext.extdiff =
hgext.convert =
hgext.fetch =
hgext.rebase =
hgext.churn =
hgext.color = =
hgext.graphlog =
transplant =
hgext.bookmarks =
hgext.progress =
hgext.purge =
hggit =
prompt = ~/.hgrcp/prompt/

pager = LESS='FSRX' less
attend = annotate, cat, diff, export, glog, log, qdiff

cmd.vdiff = meld
cmd.vkdiff = kdiff3
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